Familytradition for more than 75 years


Max Waldmann from Füssen decided to become a Gastronom and bought the restaurant named "Cafe Rupprecht" in Alterschrofen, which was built in 1900 and was then used as a mansion with stables. Shortly after the opening, the now-named "Hotel-Pension-Waldmann" enjoyed a special reputation amongst the fish lovers. This reputtation has remained to this day.


In the coming four years the hosts Max and Elisabeth Waldmann completely renovated the hotel. The hotel now had 19 guest rooms, a cozy restaurant and a lovely garden. Even at that time the future owner Anna-Elisabeth, daughter of Max and Elisabeth worked strongly in the family business.


Transfer of the hotel to the daughter Anna-Elisabeth Heim.


In this year the largest renovation ever took place. Almost all rooms get their own bathroom and toilett. There were built family rooms with balconies which had a magnificent view of the royal castles and the mountains. The restaurant was enlarged and in this course a front desk erected.


In these years, all rooms and bathrooms were renovated and modernized according to today´s regulations.


Anna-Elisabeth Heim hands over the hotel to here daughter Michaela Waldmann.