Your perfect start to your vacation day

Start the day with full energy. A rich breakfast buffet with fine coffee specialties and selected local delicacies is the ideal start to your day and awaits our hotel guests in the breakfast room when they get up. You can't just have a balanced and healthy breakfast at home.

A day of vacation starts with a perfect breakfast. This basic rule also applies to us at the Hotel Waldmann

Our breakfast times in the
Hotel Waldmann

Monday to Sunday

7:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m

This is what awaits you at our Schwangau breakfast buffet

Fresh sausage, cheese and baked goods from the region

  • fresh baker's rolls, baker's bread and plaited bread, wholemeal bread, crispbread, toast bread
  • various sausage specialties from the Baur butcher shop in Ronsberg
  • various cheese variations from MVO Rückholz 

Healthy morning

  • fresh homemade fruit salad
  • fresh fruits
  • cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Natural and fruit yogurt

Muesli, cereals, grains and dried fruit

  • A selection of oats
  • Muesli classics like “Smacks” and “Nougatbits”
  • various grains and dried fruits to create your personal favorite muesli
  • also possible with lactose-free milk

Our homemade jams

A highlight and highly praised by our guests are our homemade jams.

  • strawberry
  • raspberry
  • cherry
  • red currant
  • apricot
  • elder

Tee- and coffee specialties

  • Premium "Teekanne-Tee" in 8 different varieties
  • We attach great importance to good breakfast filter coffee
    If you wish, we would also be happy to offer you coffee specialties such as espresso or cappuccino

Gluten free and allergy friendly options

Please let our breakfast team know about your intolerances.

We care about your healt and therefore we are happy to help.


Breakfast á la carte!!!

We also offer our rich breakfast buffet for holiday guest who do not live in the Hotel Waldmann.
Please reserve your place on time: Tel. 08362/8426 oder

Our Tip:
Give voucher as a gift for breakfast. A gift idea that is always welcome.