is important to us

We have been trying to protect our environment at the Hotel Waldmann for years and invest time and effort in making our hotel sustainable without sacrificing guest comfort.


How can you recognize our sustainability in the hotel?

You can see many of the measures we have taken in recent years directly on site, including:

  • Vegetarian dishes on the menu
  • Use of seasonal and regional products
  • Rental of bicycles and e-bikes
  • Public transport tickets included in the room price
  • Existing e-charging station
  • LED lamps throughout the building
  • Outdoor and indoor motion detectors
  • Irrigation via a rainwater cylinder

What happens behind the scenes when it comes to sustainability?

Our comprehensive environmental management system includes additional measures that you as a guest cannot see directly, such as:

  • Training for hotel employees for sustainable awareness
  • Heating energy: combined heat and power plant (CHP)
  • Avoiding plastic packaging (especially when cleaning rooms)
  • Waste management system
  • optimized supply chain - shortened delivery routes through regional providers
  • We have had an electric vehicle available to us for our regular purchases since April 2022

New since April 2022

E-charging station (wallbox)

For our guests with electric cars, we have installed a wallbox with a maximum of 10 kW charging power since April 2022.
We connected this directly to an existing high-voltage connection.

Since we only have one wallbox at the moment, we ask our guests with electric cars to reserve the charging station in advance.

Payment is made via the room bill at the current prices.

Combined heat and power plant

Since February 2019, we at the Hotel Waldmann have been covering a large part of our energy needs with a combined heat and power plant.

This means we produce our own electricity and at the same time generate warm water.